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Our Horses

Mirror Image
Mirror might only be 38 inches tall BUT he’s bursting with personality. He loves to play with children and is always up for a game of tip and running races. Although fun and games is his favourite past time he loves a cuddle and to be groomed.
This little horse is inquisitive and warm. He adores company and is always happy for a game. He is a very gentle and caring horse with a big personality.
Poppy is an expressive little horse who likes to be close to the action. Strong and determined she works hard to help others to build their confidence and share some laughter.
Coco is a confident and outgoing horse who loves to have a chat. She is strong willed and determined and helps others build their confidence and self esteem.
Cowboy is a little pocket rocket, small in statue but big in personality. As the newest horse in the herd, cowboy has already established himself as a leader.
Although she is shy Soda knows when to lend a helping hand and loves nothing more than helping children and young people to find their inner strength.
She may be the smallest but Scarlett is always ready for a new adventure. She is brave and cheeky with a gentle heart.
Bella loves company and will go anywhere with you. Her quiet nature is perfect for building confidence and trust with people.
The tallest of our horses, Nelly is a little shy and always alert.
Bold and brave, Buddy is a very busy horse. He loves to be close to the action and will keep you on your toes.
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